The ok Tesco breakfast

It’s 8am Saturday morning.. you want to get to the supermarket before the pesky onslaught of aisle cramming people get going but.. your belly.. it’s angry for FOOD.. and not just any food, it wants a.. FRY UP! Well, with the supermarket breakfast, you no longer have to make that Sophie’s choice!

(Don’t tell me you haven’t been in this very specific situation before, fibber!)

Today, Tesco happened. I wandered into a serene entrance area and immediately made my way up to the Tesco café upstairs. Grabbing myself a tray, I made my way through the lack of people to speak to an almost about to smile server, her name tag suggested her name to be ‘Sally’.. or did it?

Pleasantries ensued, but I survived. Smiling with eyes and mouth, I asked my lovely server what was vegan-friendly in the breakfast spread. Terror advanced across her now pallid face. ‘I’ll need to check’ she seemed to half-whimper, I smiled and nodded, hoping she didn’t faint before finding out. After a quick trip to the kitchen, located in another room at the back, Sally returned with a triumphant smile to inform my face that the hash browns, baked beans, fried bread, stewed tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and toast without butter were all vegan-friendly.

‘Wonderful’ I said, ‘I’ll have the 8 item breakfast then please’. Sally looked perplexed.. ‘I’ll have 5 hash browns, stewed and fresh tomatoes and beans please!’. It started happening..

Breakfast was served! I sat down at an unstable table (poet), sipped my black coffee and covered everything in black pepper. I was very pleased to note a distinct crunch to the first hash brown as I cut into it, they were very tasty. Sadly, the plate of food as a whole had a definite luke warmity to it. Next time, 8 hash browns I think!








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